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Minisymposium Talks

Following the tradition of past ICOSAHOM conferences, an integral part of the event are minisymposium sessions. The aim of these is to highlight special topics and/or recent developments in the theory and application of high-order and spectral methods.

  • Each minisymposium talk will consist of a 25-minute presentations, with an additional five minutes for discussion.

Submission guidelines

Presenters of minisymposium talks are now invited to submit their abstracts through the online submission system, which can be found at:


The deadline for submission is 31st January 2018 at 23:00 GMT (UTC+0).

Note that all MS talk submissions must be part of an accepted minisymposium. If you wish to submit a general talk, please do so under the contributed talks. Your submission should include:

  • the minisymposium that your talk is being submitted under (which you can select from the list of minisymposia);
  • the details of the speaker and any relevant co-authors;
  • the presentation title;
  • a short abstract (350 word limit).